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5 Best Apps For Interior Designers

There are many useful Apps on the market used by architects, designers, and professionals in the construction industry. An interior designer needs to take notes, measurements, and look at color pallets.

Designing the interior style of a room may mean looking at plans, for a room that is still being constructed, or, it may mean looking at an existing room. There are a number of tools that can be used to make this job easier and to make recording information, more efficient.

1. ColorCapture

What is that duck egg blue shade, with a hint of green, which is trending? Will you find the same shade of paint? With ColorCapture you can match up to 3000 colors using Benjamin Moore paint colors. You can also take notes, and share to social media.

Palette App is also a popular app, and you can use photos to match colors, such as ColorSnap for iPhone. Have captured the most striking shade of rosy crimson, and want to add this color to your decor pallet, to complete that `Mexican Fiesta’ feeling, but, what on earth is it called? A color palette app will allow you to find the exact shade, you are hoping to use.

2. MagicPlan

This App is used by both interior designers, and architects. This App takes the time to use, and there is some criticism that it is not user-friendly, however, MagicPlan allows you to create your own interior plans. You are able to construct plans, without moving objects or furniture.

The interior measurements are mapped for you, and walls, for example, are recognized separately, to furniture. This is a very clever function when you are measuring a room.

Interior designers will use both positive and negative space, to plan the design of a room, and look at both its function, and form. Before creative, style choices, can be made, the basic measurements of a room are needed.

3. iHandy Carpenter

This App is used by contractors, designers, and carpenters, and is a bit of a traveling tool box. You can use the App to measure furniture or walls, and it has some very useful tools.

There is, for example, a ‘plum bob’ – this is used to measure vertical lines, while a ‘surface level’ checks how straight, or flat, a surface is. There is also a ‘bubble-level’ bar and a steel protractor that measure up to 180 Degrees.

A designer will need to check the space and take extremely accurate measurements, to make sure that there is a balance, for example, in a room. ‘Balance’ refers both to the arrangement of color, and objects, within a space – both furniture, and other items, such as art work.

4. PhotoMeasures App

This App allows you to measure, a room, or objects, using either imperial or metric units. This is very useful, especially if you are working on international projects, and need a quick conversion. You can easily measure spaces, and take measurements on the go.

One of the problems that interior designers have is that they are often taking measurements, and recording information on paper. Keeping your information together is very useful, and you can also save your photograph as a JPEG file, or PDF.

5. PlanGrid App

This App is commonly used to work on a project, by many parties. You can enter data, as well as, track various issues that you need to work on. You can distribute reports, and communicate changes, with ease. It is an App that can be used to plan projects, and plan the use of a space, too.

Design apps allow for both the recording of data and for data to be used by more than one party. This means that you are able to share information more efficiently. This is a time-saving App, as well as a creative tool, used by both architects, and designers.

12 Colors and How To Use Them In Your Home

There are many colors to choose from when you’re wanting to decorate your home. There are literally about 10 million colors we can see, meaning there many options for your home. But instead of going over every imaginable color we can think of, let’s focus and talk about 12.

These colors are the basics of what you can find. Keep in mind that different hues can change the feeling of a color by a little bit, but the main idea stays the same. Here are the colors, their meanings, and how to use them.

Dark (Deep) Blue

This shade of blue is known to help with efficiency and thinking. It is a great color for offices, studies, or libraries. It helps to focus one’s thinking. It can cut through the clutter of your mind and give you laser focus. It is great to help you stay on track with work or other responsibilities.


The brightness of this color helps to make you feel confident. It speaks loudly and reduces any feelings of self-consciousness. Use this in a place, or room where you need to feel confident.

Light Purple

Reconnect with your spiritual side with this color. Use it to give you a fresh new perspective and to release those emotional issues you have kept inside. It’s great for living spaces and bedrooms.


The color of wealth. It is said that green will help you be more productive, thus leading to wealth. It is also the color of health or nature. Use this in rooms that you want to feel good, or healthy in. It is great for living spaces.

Light Blue

Is a peaceful color. It will make you feel at peace. Use it in a bedroom or other place where you want to relax and feel at peace.


This color is known to increase your focus and bring life into the room. Use this in a place you want to bring to life and where you may be working. It works great in a dining room or kitchen.

Bright Red

Similar to orange, bright red is known to increase self-confidence and to fortify you. It will help you feel confident and strong, but don’t overdo it because red goes a long way.


Is a way of showing that you take obligations seriously and will do what needs to be done. Use it to soften the mood in dining rooms or living spaces.


Has always been known as the color of love, and so it is inside your house as well. It will help you to be compassionate and open your heart toward others. Use it where you are interacting with people like in a family space.

Deep Red

This shade of red is known to awaken your passions. Use it in places where you need passion, but beware of using it in a kitchen because it is known to increase the likelihood of overeating.


This color inspires trust. It helps one feel like they can trust you and not be vulnerable. Use it in a space where you interact with people.


Is for those that want a feeling of eloquence and formality. It tells others that you are a straight forward thinking person and know how to make things happen. It can also give you a feeling of mysteriousness.