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Causes of Conflicts in Modern Day Democracies

Since democracy came into place and many countries in the world took it, loopholes emergency which has changed the process of governance to conflicts. However, it doesn’t mean democracy has no merits. Conflicts can be brought by numerous needs connected one another and issues addressed for some long period of time. The situation has escalated in some countries like Syria and this has led to a major war between the people and the government.

When narrowing conflicts to democracies there is variety of factors that lead to disagreements. The most dominant sources of conflict, however, are political, military, and economic causes. Politics leads to conflicts when government distribute resources to the natives in unequal proportion. It also occurs when people accuse the government of embezzling funds and using natural resources for individual benefit.

Conflicts driven by two groups, say ethnic, can be escalated to a national level. Ethnic affiliations, political views, among others are the most dominant factors that lead to these escalations. This often happens in places where there are two or more major tribes, and each feel that they deserve more than the other. Conflicts arise whenever there is an indication than one group is getting more than the other.

Economically, the people may feel that the government distributes natural resources unequally. As a result, there is formation of rebel groups and other factors that eventually cause conflicts. When these conflicts occur in particular areas, people will pull out of these places as it is the cases with the Syrian oil fields. As a result, mining companies cannot operate in the region and the economy has suffered as a result. The government, on the other hand, will shy away since its involvement will just lead to further conflicts and division.

With divisions in the military the country is left with an army that is dysfunctional. The army becomes an instrument for committing crimes against civilians and preventing the people from voicing their opinions against poor governance as well as corruption, among other factors. A divided army is always subject to crimes including theft, extortion, and human rights violations which aren’t addressed in war torn countries.

Among the political class in democracies, greed has brought about major conflicts. Politicians set about to embezzle funds that hardworking taxpayers have contributed for development on infrastructure and this causes a major conflict between the people and the government. Pro-government groups will emerge to fight those accusing the government of corruption and what started as protests might become a major conflict.

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