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Advantages of Playing Scavenger Hunt Riddles

One of the best games that you can engage your child for is scavenger hunt riddles since it ensures that they make fun and work towards a meaningful goal which is good for their growth. Scavenger hunt riddle is in another name referred to as treasure hunt since it involves finding a hidden treasure and rewarding the kid who achieves to find it first and in the process, making the game much fun to explore their surroundings. From a medical perspective scavenger hunt riddles can be used to treat psychiatric conditions by encouraging a patient to think out of the box to find the solution to a problem can be used as a therapy for developing strategic thinking which is important in solving the condition. Additionally, there are a number of benefits that children can enjoy by playing scavenger hunt riddles and are as follows.’

By engaging in the game treasure hunt it involves a lot of moving which can be through walking and running and in the process you lose a lot of calories daily which is vital at ensuring your body is healthy. The game involves overcoming different huddles and in the process of working on these challenges of moving from one point to another one maintains their body weight .

By playing scavenger hunt riddles it sharpens navigational skills of a child since they should be able to find the treasure hunting by honing navigational techniques using maps, learning to follow directions and keep tabs on their distance traveled. Tresure hunting also improved the memory of a child since in the process of finding a treasure they have to remember previous directions and make fast decisions of the next move they should take, also in the current age where GPS is a primary component of finding directions around it is equally important for a child to learn of the old means of finding directions by measuring the sun.

Another benefit that comes along is enabling exploration and discovery since the game involves finding a treasure it is equally important and fun to embrace the process of finding it and depending on the environment one becomes more familiar with the environment may it be in the streets or in the woods one learns of interesting spots on your journey.

The game also helps at building the teamwork spirit between friends, new mates or anyone else who might be involved in working towards a common goal at a relaxed atmosphere. When trying to achieve the mission all members of a team can uniquely contribute towards it thus ensuring better responsibility and leadership skills are learnt.

Playing scavenger hunt riddle it is also beneficial by experiencing the joy of discovering a mystery, cracking puzzles and throwing knowledge upon the unknown to solve a problem which also boosts confidence and self-esteem.

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